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All Conspiracy is Business Because Somebody Profits

The man who does not know history is destined to remain a child.


We are taught today that the word conspiracy is only in the lexicon of the foolish and paranoid. Yet whether ethical, moral or legal, the conspiracy/business Gordian knot is no illusion. Regardless the continent or the century, many outcomes flow backward in space and time to money and power where, in its wake, human rights are easily violated and people suffer. Included in this section are the words of those held in such high esteem that their credibility and sanity have never been questioned.

The historical comments and observations included in this section might be unsettling for some. They will contradict many of the things we have been taught, things sometimes completely omitted by the media, entertainment, political, corporate and academic industries that have largely shaped the worldview, even the belief system, of Americans for more than two centuries. Today, as much as any time in our history, we are admonished to believe what we are told by those in authority and to do so without question. Yet some dare to question. This evolving section of QuestionsUnanswered will attempt to shed light on some of the thoughts by respected historic figures that stand in opposition to the commonly held views purported by politicians and the national media, left and right, about some of the circumstances of the actions, motivations and events that have shaped our world, especially where money and power are involved. These comments and observations on business, government, money, power and influence are not referencing the endless small, local businesses that populate every country. Rather, their comments reference those concerns with a national and international reach. Read the rest of this entry »

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