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Farrer Profile Report

The following is a portion of the 44-page report by Criminal Profiler and Forensic Facial Reconstruction Specialist Ann Morland, B.S., M.A., M.Ed., R.N.

The profile was the result of research and investigative interviews conducted by Morland on behalf of the Farrer family. The report was completed Feb. 15, 2006.

Some portions of this profile have been omitted and/or names withheld by Ben Nelms due to space considerations or to ensure the privacy and anonymity of some of the individuals referenced. Read the rest of this entry »

Comments from the Farrer Family

Mary Baker is the sister of Bill Farrer. Some of her thoughts on her brother’s disappearance and the circumstances surrounding it are included below. Bill’s other two siblings are Ike and Joe Farrer. All three arrived in Jefferson County with the discovery of Bill’s truck and fishing boat at Rocky Comfort Creek on Sept. 13, 2002. All three have been intimately involved, now as then, with trying to uncover the circumstances of Bo Peep’s disappearance. Read the rest of this entry »

The Disappearance of Bill Farrer

What you are about to read is a mystery, one born in reality. It involves the disappearance of a Georgia man in 2002.

What first appeared undeniably to be a case of drowning soon proved to be far from it. What remains today is the question of his fate. Was is suicide, was it the desire to walk away to start a new life, or was he the victim of foul play. What follows is a small portion of the events surrounding the disappearance of a man well-known and well-liked, a man who never met a stranger. Read the rest of this entry »

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