You Children Deserve the Truth

Comments pertaining to litigation on two separate issues directly affecting the physical health of countless Americans were reported earlier in 2008. One may lead to a more definitive explanation to looming questions over the large-scale exposure to toxic chemicals contained in biosolids. Millions of tons of biosolids, sewerage sludge, are used across America each year in lieu of fertilizer. The other issue may be the next step in providing a definitive explanation for the exposure to millions of children to the toxic chemical contained in childhood vaccines prior to 2002.

The first case relates to a recent ruling by U.S. District Judge Anthony Alaimo on the 30-year policy administered by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, dutifully followed by similar state environmental agencies like EPD, departments of agriculture and the FDA, relating to the use of land applied sewerage sludge, euphemistically known as biosolids. The story centered what resulted from a federal lawsuit brought by former east Georgia dairy owners McElmurray and Boyce, who lost hundreds of cows over time after they ate grass fertilized with biosolids. Boyce told the Associated Press that he informed Georgia dairy regulators and EPA that tests on his milk showed high levels of thallium (once used in rat poison). Judge Alaimo also found that the Augusta wastewater treatment plant shipped hundreds of truckloads of biosolids daily containing dangerously high levels of chlordane, molybdenum, arsenic, PCBs and cadmium, the AP report said. But it gets worse.

“Senior EPA officials took extraordinary steps to squash scientific dissent and any questioning of EPA’s biosolids program,” Judge Alaimo said in a 45-page ruling, adding that data endorsed by EPA and agriculture agencies on the free sludge fertilizer provided by the city of Augusta was “unreliable, incomplete and, in some cases, fudged.”

So much for regulatory agencies, lap-dog scientific scrutiny and the public trust.

Now to the case of Hannah Poling, the nine year-old Athens girl whose parents won a victory with the federal vaccine-injury fund set up years ago to protect vaccine manufacturers from suits over problems with their products. Hannah’s parents contend that her dramatic, downward spiraling health problems from the life-threatening mitochondrial disorder that manifested after she received the standard childhood vaccines in 2000 were linked either to the mercury-laden preservative thimerosal in the vaccines or that the disorder was worsened by the effects of the thimerosal on her young body. Hannah has also been diagnosed with autism, a condition long-held by parents of children with that diagnosis as being somehow linked to thimerosal.

CDC emphasized that the settlement does not mean that vaccines cause autism, rather that the concession to the Polings’ indicates that vaccines may have worsened the mitochondrial disorder that resulted in autism-like symptoms. Does this answer the question?

“I wanted to know why my daughter, who had been completely normal until she received (the vaccines), in one day was no longer there, no longer responding,” Jon Poling said last week outside U.S. District Court in Atlanta.

The Polings’ are not the only parents who want answers. Mercury is a known toxin to the energy-producing mitochondria found in the cells of our bodies. An explosion of autism between 1989-2003 corresponded, many parents and some medical scientists say, with the inclusion of thimerosal in the high number of vaccines recommended by CDC and administered by physicians. “Up until about 1989 pre-school children got only 3 vaccines (polio, DPT, MMR). By 1999 the CDC recommended a total of 22 vaccines to be given before children reach the 1st grade, including Hepatitis B, which is given to newborns within the first 24 hours of birth. Many of these vaccines contained mercury. In the 1990s approximately 40 million children were injected with mercury-containing vaccines. The cumulative amount of mercury being given to children in this number of vaccines would be an amount 187 times the EPA daily exposure limit,” according to research published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (March 2006).
Thanks CDC. Once again, the fox guards the hen house. So much for regulatory agencies, lap-dog scientific scrutiny and the public trust.
These cases and so many others in past decades are symptomatic of a Janus-faced deception by some in the state/federal, government/corporate regulatory industry. Yet their day in the Sun will not compare to the dawn of a new day if enough of us are willing to make the time to do a little research and act on what we learn. And it is long past time that those scientists and researchers not willing to compromise human life for the sake of profit-linked regulations should cease to be exposed to the ridicule they have long endured. Often branded as the purveyors of “junk science,” such has been the fate of those, like former EPA scientist Dr. David Lewis, who dare to speak out.

Think back. Do any of us remember the time when lead and mercury and DDT and PCBs were considered as innocuous to our health as mother’s milk? It is time to stop believing without questioning, the never-ending corporate/government mantra that says “trust us, all is well.” Is the safety of your children worth the risk? Your children deserve the truth.

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