America: The Path Ahead

“Where is America headed?” and “Who is in control our destiny?” As before in our history, these questions are being asked by some today. Everybody’s got an opinion. Here’s mine in abbreviated form.

Societies change over time, so what’s the big deal about America and any changes it may be experiencing today? Following the culturally-accepted mantra of political polarization, for liberals much of the changes are good, for conservatives much is bad. Many on the right cry, “Socialism/communism is at our door.” Many on the left say, “What’s wrong with government taking responsibility and control?”

America has been changing since the Revolution. Then as now, partisan political turf wars, and sometimes actual wars, have been fueled and guided by the “interests” Lincoln called the “money power” and Franklin Roosevelt called “the financial element in the larger centers (that) has owned this government since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

But since many Americans know relatively little about their own history few people are aware of such comments by these and other Presidents. If you have any doubt that the designs of money, control or power have shaped the history of every civilization on this planet then perhaps your appreciation of world history should be re-evaluated.

In the U.S. today it’s pretty clear that the cultural philosophy of the Neo-Progressive agenda, lying only partly dormant for over a century, has the upper hand and is attempting to continue to implement its worldview of government control in U.S. society (though not without the blessing of corporate nation-states that direct agendas and outlive administrations).

Some welcome this transition, others are horrified. As for me, I wondered nearly a decade ago why those who voted for the Congress/Bush Ruling Elite didn’t seem to recognize the march toward greater authoritarian control over our lives. Today, the Congress/Obama Ruling Elite has simply upped the ante on the takeover of America, albeit more dramatically.

Today some think we’re turning socialist, with advocates on both sides. Some say we’re turning communist or fascist. Some say corporatist with its strong state interventionist tendencies. Others, like Ian Bremmer (Foreign Affairs, May/June 2009), say we’re in the fourth wave of “state capitalism,” with its sovereign wealth funds in tow.

For Bremmer, the difference now is that for the first time this form of control is coming not from emerging-market nations, but from the U.S. and elsewhere, and with Washington now making decisions for America that have long-term market impact on a scale not seem since the 1930s. That’s real progress.

And what about where we’ve been for the past half century or so? We’re told free markets operated and capitalism was in full swing. World War II ended the Great Depression and America prospered.

Yet along with that prosperity came a decades-long multitude of Congressionally-instigated “reforms” and other measures that, for example, paved the way for companies that make products that harm us to be more insulated from accountability and litigation; that led to a runaway housing market and a healthcare/insurance system that should have been brought in line without having to make things even worse by government directly controlling it; and, to cite another example, that failed on the issue of fossil fuels that could have been dealt with but weren’t.

Do you not remember the U.S. car companies fighting the government on nearly every occasion for the past 30 years when told to build more fuel-efficient vehicles? And do you remember Ford’s exploding gas tanks in the 1970s that, as was eventually proved, could have been corrected, and would have saved lives, for less than $20 per car?

For Ford’s part the issue was simple. It was a corporate business decision not to correct the problem. Some at the time said the executives at Ford conspired to cover up the problem for the sake of profit. I say that not all business is conspiracy, but all conspiracy is business because someone always profits. Whether criminal, civil or regulatory, someone always profits.

Some citizens in every community I’ve covered are quick to point out examples of local business people working with others in the system behind the scenes (aka conspiratorial behavior) to benefit themselves. And sometimes the citizens are correct.

Yet they often fail to believe that the execution of such business strategies can also occur on a state, national or international level where infinitely more money, power and control is at stake.

America is a great place, but righting corporate and government wrongs and keeping government in check is simply not something we seem to cherish. We are born and bred to keep our mouths shut and believe what our national leaders tell us.

The goodness of the American spirit so embodied in its people has been a beacon of hope for much of the world. Yet it is the continued expansion of the megalithic systems imbedded in the corporatist/government worldview, one that sees power and control as indispensable and people as expendable, that minimizes and marginalizes the American people.

It is of this reality that Dwight Eisenhower so sternly warned in his Farewell Address on Jan. 17, 1960. And in the post World War II expansion “We the people” were too busy to listen. And as for the corporate/government interlock, they had no desire or impetus to change their ways.

The situation today in America is pressing and volatile. Republican or Democrat, many view government as the cause of the problem. But in our complacency that gave corporate/government a free ride, “We the people” have sown the wind.

As I’ve said before on these pages, if the mindset of the American people today had been present in 1776 there would likely have been no American Revolution.

But is it possible that the time has come for a New Revolution, one of brains not bullets, one that is needed to shed the chains of social and economic servitude that are the hallmarks of control?

Governments erode as they exert control that sooner or later diminishes human rights.

I think that, unless it is altered, our future will see past governmental/societal models morph into something relatively new and better suited for today’s more technologically-proficient systems of mass control.

And unless Americans and others stand up for themselves we will see what Establishment historian and Bill Clinton-mentor Carroll Quigley called a neofeudalist society in his mind-blowing tome, “Tragedy and Hope” (I dare you to read this book).

And at the end of the day most of the very large multinational financials and others will continue increasingly to control the laws of nations, including that of the U.S.

As this occurs our standard of living will continue to decrease, government control over our lives will continue to increase, the rights granted in the now-suspect Constitution will wither and we will, in effect, become wards of the state. This process began long ago.

But how could any of this stuff happen? After all, we’re Americans in control of our own destiny. We love our families and we just want to live our lives and find shelter in the home we worked so hard to own. But most of you who own your home don’t “own your home.”

Seventy percent of you (Census 2000) are actually renting it from a bank or mortgage company. And if you do “own” it, just fail to pay your property taxes and see how long that ownership lasts.

Over the generations we became a nation of people who, with the best of intentions, bought in to living our lives bound by the invisible chains of economic slavery. In America, debt became a way of life. And we had help getting there.

A foreshadowing of the debt future and the changes coming our way can be seen in the federal entitlements that we cherish.

These unfunded liabilities currently sit at about $59 trillion and include Medicare/Medicaid at about $40 trillion and Social Security at $10.7 trillion. Rest assured, we will pay the piper, and we will adjust our lives accordingly regardless of which of the two parties is in control.

It is beyond question that whoever controls debt controls the person (or the nation). Today, we continue to hear from our politicians and national media disinformation sources that China owns much of America’s debt (via Treasury securities) and that, if called in, it could cripple us.

The U.S. debt today is approximately $11.7 trillion. Way back on March 25 it was about $11 trillion. A CNBC slideshow ( at the time entitled “The Biggest Holders of U.S. Government Debt” cited sources including U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve and U.S. Office of Debt Management and told a substantially different tale than the information we’re customarily fed by the national media about the ownership of our debt. The CNBC report listed the top 15 holders that owned $9.4 trillion, or 85 percent, of U.S. debt.

Luxembourg was #15, owning $87.2 billion of U.S. debt. Others included #13 Russia at $119.6 billion, #12 Britain at $124.2 billion, #9 Caribbean banks at $176.6 billion and #8 various OPEC oil exporters at $186.3 billion.

The larger holders of our debt were #6 Pension Funds at $456.4 billion, #5 state and local governments at $522.7 billion, #4 Japan at $634.8 billion, #3 China at $739.6 billion and #2 Mutual Funds (can you say 401k) at $769.1 billion.

And standing heads and tales above the rest at $4.8 trillion (or 44 percent of the total for the top 15) is the Federal Reserve System and intragovernmental holdings.

The Fed, by far the largest owner of American debt, was authorized by Congress on Dec. 23, 1913, but it was not and is not a part of the federal government. The Fed does receive superficial permission to print its own money, the Federal Reserve Note, from the very Congressional leaders who benefit from its existence since it provides the means to run up more and more debt.

I hate to burst the bubble of you who rely on the national media and the few corporate textbook publishers still in existence for your explanation of reality, but the Fed is owned by banking corporations and is essentially a Congressionally-authorized cartel of banking interests.

Those of you that may be interested in the Fed and its precursors and the prolific use of fractional reserve banking (ask your own banker how many pennies out of each of your dollars s/he holds in reserve) as a debt-building and nation-crippling financial instrument might consider reading Edward Griffin’s heavily documented book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

It was President James Garfield who said that, “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.” As the premier central bank of the world, with the notable exception of the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, the Fed absolutely controls the money supply and the credit of this nation and it owns nearly half of our debt.

Don’t be misled in believing that, sooner or later, that debt will not be called in. That call will come and fiscal regulations will change (Congress will not bite the hand that feeds it) regardless who holds control of Congress and the White House and regardless whether the government/social system is labeled corporatist, fascist, capitalist or state capitalist.

The label is not important. It is the control that is important. One way or the other, the central banks that control the global economy outlive the leadership of nations and they never lose unless it fits their aim to morph into something else.

Functionally an oligarchy, the Congressional/Presidential Ruling Elite are no more than puppets. They will dance, but it is the “substantive powers in world finance” (Quigley, pp. 53, 326, 954-956) that will call the tune.

Summing up the matter as well as anyone was Amschel Meyer Rothschild who in 1838 said, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, I care not who makes its laws.”

You may laugh at his arrogance, but this man’s family (via limited partnerships) is now in its fourth century in the international banking business. I guess that should make him the expert.

Part of this convoluted mess is the fault of the corporate/government Ruling Elite and part rests at our doorstep. This is why the New Revolution, perhaps it should be called the Slave Rebellion, must begin in our hearts and in our conscience.

And until Americans make up their minds that this mess is no longer palatable, the current situation will only continue to worsen. In our complacency we have already sown the wind. It is best that we not reap the whirlwind.

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