The Emergence of Fluoridegate…continued

It was reported a few months ago in this column that something called Fluoridegate is on the horizon. The issue was and is the consumption of fluoride in drinking water and other sources and the deleterious health effects that result from it. The column also stated that the handwriting is on the wall for the days of water fluoridation. The dawning of that day has begun.

The emergence of Fluoridegate has been signaled by two federal lawsuits, one filed in California on Aug. 9 and another filed in Maryland on Aug. 30.

Though more than half a century in the making, the floodgates are opening and you should expect that many, many others will follow.
The first lawsuit was filed Aug. 9 against the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California in the U.S. District Court of Southern California on behalf of millions of its water system customers in Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura counties.
This suit essentially uses the admission by the federal Food and Drug Administration that fluoride added to water is an unapproved drug (for more on that reference and others pertaining to the many issues with fluoride see the previous Fluoridegate columns available at The
The second suit was filed Aug. 30 in the U.S. District Court in Maryland against Nestle, manufacturer of eight-ounce Deer Park and Poland Spring bottled water with added fluoride, and Gerber, manufacturer of baby food and baby formula containing fluoride. The specifics of this suit deals with dental fluorosis (the permanent staining and disfigurements of teeth that is currently present in a significant percentage of American children).
Also of note was the resolution adopted in September by the League of Latin American Citizens opposing water fluoridation. A number of black leaders, such as Andrew Young, are also beginning to sound off on the issue of fluorosis.
And in November, the County Commission in Pinellas County, Fla., voted to remove fluoride from the drinking water consumed by its 700,000 citizens.
It is worth mentioning that manufacturers, too, are reacting to the approaching fluoride tsunami that involves the young. Gerber now offers fluoride-free bottled water for making baby formula and several major toothpaste companies recently began marketing fluoride-free toothpaste for toddlers that is safe to swallow.
Litigation involving fluoride poisoning with the aging and the infirm, such as dialysis patients and those with thyroid conditions, will follow.

On the local level, I have a friend in Peachtree City, Georgia, who was concerned about the link to the fluoride in her municipal drinking water and her significant problems with her thyroid, for which she was on medication. She installed a reverse osmosis system in her home and stopped taking her thyroid meds. Now more than a year later, her thyroid tests just fine without medication. The only thing she did was to stop drinking our fluoridated water. You figure it out.
Also locally, I’ve been happily surprised to come across so many of you, old and young, who were already aware of this toxic waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer that is shipped here and added to the drinking water in Fayette and Coweta counties.
Among the many that are already educated on this issue are Fayette County Commissioner Allen McCarty and Coweta County Commissioner Bob Blackburn. Both these men, as do many of you, have increasing questions about our mandated use of fluoride in drinking water by the Georgia General Assembly.
As for the lawsuits that will cascade, it is unfortunate that citizens have to rely on attorneys to stand up for their protection, something that in this case, and many others, the federal and state governments (including Georgia) are woefully unwilling to do.
Fluoride compounds are in more drinks, food and medications than you would likely imagine. Parents and grandparents, if you are interested check the partial list of these at Parents of Fluoride-poisoned Children (
It is the ongoing work of people like public health professional Daniel Stockin at the Lillie Center in Ellijay and endless others that will not end until water fluoridation has ended and the healing has begun.
At its root Fluoridegate involves the complicity of the federal government and its agencies in promoting the use of fluoride so that specific industries might benefit at the cost of their employees and consumers. Fluoride’s real and suspected links to various types of cancers and kidney, thyroid, brain and skeletal problems has long been noted. Those portions of the Fluoridegate tale will unfold along the way. Fluoridegate is not conspiracy, it’s just business.
A portion of this unfolding can be seen in another way. The term Fluoridegate was introduced in this column in early 2011. At that time a Google search turned up one hit – the one in that column. Today, the same search shows several thousand hits.
There is something else related to, but not limited to, the dangers of some of the endless fluoride compounds we eat, drink, breathe and bathe in. It is us and the way we think about the toxins in our lives.
When it comes to organic toxins like viruses and bacteria, we see citizens, the media and the government come out with guns blazing, demanding and receiving action.
But when it comes to toxins that are inorganic, everybody is silent and nobody cares, except the affected citizens for whom there is no place to turn for help, unless they hire a lawyer. We are told not to care about inorganics and we dutifully follow our orders, believing exactly what we are told to believe, and without question.
That’s because inorganic toxins, with a few exceptions like mercury and lead (for which the “science” that said these inorganic chemicals were fine was eventually defeated) and radiation, are used heavily in some manufacturing processes and are, not surprisingly, overlooked.
We have to look no further than nature for many organic toxins but to look at inorganic toxins we have to look at ourselves, our employers, our investment portfolios and especially our federal government, whose conscience long ago was “seared as with a hot iron.”
As for fluoride, its days as an additive in drinking water are numbered. Remember where you heard it.

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